Virtual Litigation Consultation

At Journey Law, our in house lawyers do not handle litigation matters. We have external counsel, Jonathan Collings, to assist us with those files.

Unfortunately, he is currently in isolation after returning from a trip to visit family in the United States.

He is working at his parent’s home for the time being, at a desk that isn’t quite as old as the one in the photo.

You see where this is going.

He is currently available for 15 minute phone consultations on the following matters:

Estate Disputes / Will Challenges

Employment claims / wrongful dismissal

Construction disputes

Defamation claim

Income Tax / HST appeals

Corporate Disputes

Civil Theft

Commercial Tenancies

Building Code / Bylaw prosecutions

Real Estate claim (Easements, rights of way, trespassing, etc.)

He can review your matter to see if he can assist and discuss the plan forward if he can help.

To schedule a call with Jonathan, start your intake here: