Special Rates on Wills in November for Make a Will Month

According to a 2012 LawPro survey, over half of all Canadians do not have a signed will.

Make a Will Month in November is an annual campaign by the Ontario Bar Association aimed at getting OBA members across the province to raise public awareness and provide education about the importance of having a properly drafted will.

A will is something that is often on your life’s “to do” list for some time. Some of the things that can get in the way of doing a will are often time and cost.

At Allinotte Law Office PC, we offer a limited number of appointments per month during evening hours, typically on Wednesdays. We also offer appointments via Skype. We can gather most of the information we need via email. You can also book your appointment right on our website, by clicking here. If you don’t see a time that works for you, send us a message here, and we can coordinate something via email.

For the month of November only, Allinotte Law Office PC will be reducing the cost of a simple will for an individual to $150.00, plus H.S.T. and disbursements. Powers of Attorney or tax and trust planning would not be included in this fee, and we would advise you of this at your initial appointment. There are a limited number of appointments available for the month, so call us at 613-933-7720 to book, or book your appointment online here.