Preparing for COVID-19 disruptions

Here at Journey Law, we are following the news about COVID-19. We know that the disruption, if not the illness itself, is already having an impact on our clients and our community. 

While we don’t believe there is a need to panic, we do think it is important for our team to be prepared so we can protect ourselves and you. We also think it is important for you and your loved ones to be prepared. 

Preparing you and your family

Health Canada’s recommendations are to have some extra food, supplies and medication on hand in the event of sudden closures or quarantines. Please take the time to check on seniors or people in your life who are ill or have mobility issues to see if they need help getting things organized. 

It is a wise idea to make sure that yours and your loved one’s medical information are on hand, as well as copies of Powers of Attorney so there will be an ability to make medical and financial decisions if you or a loved one suddenly becomes ill.

If you do not have these documents in place, or need copies of your own documents from us, simply call our office at 613-933-7720 or make an appointment/start your intake online here

Preparing at Journey Law

We are developing our preparedness plan at Journey Law to ensure that you can continue to receive legal services while minimizing your risk and the risk to our staff. 

Our plan is the following:  

  • encouraging the use of technology for client meetings whenever possible (Zoom, phone, etc.) instead of in person meetings
  • allowing staff to work from home if they or a member of their household is unwell or has travelled internationally
  • requesting documents electronically instead of in person drop offs
  • documents that require original signatures can, in some instances, be mailed or couriered and reviewed by video conference

Where client meetings are required:

  • workstations, client meeting room conference tables, door handles and other public surfaces (including pens) are wiped after each meeting with disinfectant wipes
  • staff members are required to wash hands frequently using hand soap
  • staff members and clients are encouraged to use hand sanitizer before an in person meeting and/or when entering and leaving the office
  • clients will be advised to reschedule any in person appointments if they or a member of their household is unwell

We wish you good health in these uncertain times.