Estate, Administration and Estate Accounting Services at Journey Law

Black woman being comforted by a white man at what looks like a church after a funeral. Cornwall Estate lawyer.Losing a loved one is never easy. Our team at Journey Law can gently guide you through the estate process to alleviate stress at one of life’s most difficult times.

Our assistance can be as much or as little as the executor needs. We can do it all for you, or you can use our services on an as needed basis.

We can help with:

  • Review of will and assets of the deceased to determine if probate is necessary
  • Transfer of assets (real estate, vehicles, shares, et cetera)
  • Filing of court documents where probate is required, including special requests to the court
  • Passing of accounts (formally in court, or informally)
  • Power of Attorney accounting
  • Assistance to trustees and executors, including administration and realizing of estate assets
  • Inheritance trusts and dealing with incapable beneficiaries or beneficiaries on ODSP
  • Declaration of Death applications
  • Professional Executor and Trustee Services

Our process starts with some basic information about the deceased and their assets, using our online form. Then, at our initial meeting, we go over the entire estate process, what may be needed, and provide several checklists and information forms. At that meeting, we make a plan for the level of assistance you need from the Cornwall estate lawyer at Journey Law to complete the estate matters. 

Call or text us at 613-933-7720 today to get started, or fill out an intake here