Business and Corporate Law Advice

Image of four people at a table with computers, and one person standing, pointing at numerous post it notes on a wall. Cornwall business lawyers. Cornwall lawyer.It is tough to start, grow and run a business. We can help. 

Cornwall business lawyers Maxim Piva and Michele Allinotte will guide you with almost anything related to starting, growing, buying and selling a business.

Some specific areas where we can help are: 

  • Business start-up
  • Incorporation, partnership, and shareholder/owner agreements
  • Creating and looking over contracts and leases
  • Business purchase and sales (shares, assets and real estate)
  • Asset protection for business owners
  • Business succession planning (including corporate restructuring)
  • Corporate counsel services

Local family-owned businesses need a trusted legal advisor. At Journey Law, our relationship with business owners typically starts with a comprehensive review of your business and structure to determine what services are needed.

We offer fixed fees after our initial consultation so you know what your costs will be. For corporate clients, we offer digital minute books that we can share with you and your other advisors in real time.

Call or text us at 613-933-7720 today to get started, or fill out an intake here