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There is more room on the green couch. 

Tired of billable targets? Sick of going in to the physical office as required, only to work the same way you do at home? Looking for flexibility in the way you work and where you work? Want to work only part-time or for part of the year? We have the solution. 

Who We Are

We are a progressive law firm looking to expand, grow and innovate to meet the needs of our clients, but also to meet the needs of our team.

We use technology to make us more efficient and to allow us to work from anywhere in the world. Our tag line is “a modern practice for wherever life takes you” and we meant that to apply to our team, as well as our clients. 

Our personality and outlook on the practice of law and life is sprinkled throughout our website and social media posts, so check us out to see if this is the kind of firm you would like to join.

Generally, we don’t take ourselves too seriously – we only take the work and the needs of our clients seriously. You can expect to see us in jeans and Doc Martens (Birkenstocks in the summer, obvs). 

We are inclusive, respect the rights of all, and are trying to reduce our environmental footprint. We understand that you don’t live to work and that you have a life and obligations outside of work. We are building a firm that reflects that. 

What We Offer

We can offer the support of a firm (website, email, software, admin support for billing, etc.) with the freedom of a solo practice. While you will be expected to generate your own clients, the firm has a strong web presence and we currently turn away clients daily. 

Of Counsel lawyers work remotely by default and have no billable targets. Your time in the office would only be as required to meet client needs. You are an independent contractor, not an employee. You are in control of your practice. 

All Of Counsel lawyers will be provided with the following:

For individuals who are thinking long term, there is a future at the firm and the possibility of a firm ownership interest. 

What We Need

Our main need right now is lawyers with existing experience and (ideally) a practice to bring with them in these areas:

If you have an existing book of business to bring with you, we are open to other areas of law as well. Let’s chat. 

You should be an entrepreneurial spirit. While we will be able to offer some internal referrals, you will be primarily responsible for bringing in your own files.

You should have existing experience in your chosen area of practice. We will not be able to offer substantive practice area support in the above areas of law. What we can offer is general mentorship in the practice of law, and the business of law. 

Though of counsel positions are primarily remote, if your practice area requires in person meetings or court attendance in Cornwall, you should be in Eastern Ontario or Western Quebec, ideally within a 1.5 hour drive from Cornwall, or willing to travel here to meet client needs.

We make significant use of technology, have a primarily paperless practice and our default is flat fee billing. You must be comfortable using various types of software and “figuring things out”.

One thing that we do need as a team is that you be the kind of person who can communicate with us about what you need to be successful at the firm. Trust us, we all want to make that happen for you.

The ability to speak both French and English is preferred. Languages spoken other than French/English would also be a benefit to our firm and community.

Journey Law is committed to diversity, equity and inclusion and is LGBTQ2S+ friendly. We welcome applicants from any background or gender. We try to be as barrier free as possible, but if you require accommodations, please let us know. Our office is fully accessible. Foreign trained candidates are welcome and encouraged to apply.


We require an allocation to overhead from all Of Counsel lawyers of $1,500 per month plus HST. If you require additional legal admin support, the fee would be higher to reflect the use of staff time. 

There is an onboarding and training fee of $2,000 plus HST, paid over three months and can be deducted from billings. Ongoing training on firm systems provided at no cost to you. 

Your compensation would be 85% of your collected billings. There is a firm referral fee of 10% for internal referrals, but the business you generate is 85% yours. 

You are responsible for LSO fees, Law Pro insurance and any professional memberships, as well as continuing legal education requirements. As independent contractors, Of Counsel lawyers will not be provided with health or life insurance benefits, so you will need to plan for that. You will also need to furnish your own laptop, cell phone and printer/scanner (if necessary). 

Who You Are

We are seeking team members with a positive outlook, growth mindset, energy, sense of humour and initiative. You are reliable, professional, a team player and able to work independently. You are interested in learning and growing and aren’t afraid of change. You have an entrepreneurial spirit and are comfortable doing business development. If you are one to say “that isn’t my job”, or “this is how we have always done it”, then this firm is not for you. We are a small team, so we all support each other in busy times, vacations, etc., to the extent we are able to. 

Application Requirements

Please provide a resume and references to Please reference your practice area(s) in the re line of your introductory message. 

If you prefer to chat with Michele Allinotte (firm founder and managing lawyer) before you apply, schedule a 15 minute call with her here. You can also use that link to reach out to Maxim Piva, the firm’s junior lawyer. He can give you the scoop on what it is like working with us. 

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