Is legal protection in your branding toolkit?

Do you own a business that operates under a name that is not your personal name?

Do you have a logo or design that is part of your brand?

If you answered yes to either of those two questions, then you need legal protection for your brand.

At Journey Law, we can do some initial searches, register business names and change corporate names to the business name. The important thing that we cannot do is formal applications to protect your intellectual property. Even we have a trademark lawyer working on applications for our new logo and brand. We use Greg Pang of Red Frame Law, who is counsel to Origins IP in Ottawa.

I know. I know. All this costs money. However, think about how much you are putting into your brand. What would it cost you if you could no longer use your name or logo or both?

A consultation with a lawyer at Journey Law or Greg at Red Frame or Amy at Origins is a good place to start to determine what you need to do to protect your brand.

There is also a new DIY-ish option to file a trademark application in Canada, You do some of the work but have access to a trademark lawyer throughout the process.

Modern practice requires modern tools. Find out how Journey Law can help. Book a 15 minute call with Alexis Fafard or Michele Allinotte to review what you need to do to protect your brand and business.