How do I use Zoom?

A lot of my colleagues in various forms have been asking how to use Zoom. I was chatting with a colleague to show how and I decided to screen shot every step and share this with anyone who may need these instructions.

If you have installed the Zoom add in for Office 365, you will have these in your top bar.

You can just hit the “schedule a meeting” and this pops up:

Just add the email address of each attendee:

  and send

If you don’t have the add in or can’t figure out how to get it, just go to the Zoom site:

Hit “schedule new meeting”

Choose your meeting options and save.

Add to calendar and all that stuff.

You can start the meeting from the meeting entry in Zoom:

Yes, open Zoom meetings

Choose if you are joining with computer audio:

My Zoom settings are set that I’m automatically muted and no camera because I do a lot of group calls, so unmute and start video to see clients:

This is me looking like a crazy person so you can see it works:

The controls are at the bottom:

You can record, screen share (great to review documents), etc.

To hang up, select end meeting in red.