How do I use Adobe Sign?

A lot of lawyers are trying to quickly get up to speed.

Here is a very basic instruction guide on using Adobe Sign.

Create a PDF from your word doc (need the add in installed)

Once the PDF is created, fill and sign is in the right column. Choose that.

You want to request signatures if sending to client.

You need one email address per signatory

When you click on the field where you want the signature, it will ask you if that is where you want it.

You can also click the three dots to add more fields.

But, I prefer to work in the advanced settings which are on the right at the bottom (greyed out – sorry I forgot to grab a screen shot).

The extra fields open up in advanced settings as below:

I forgot to screen shot before I sent it out, but here I chose to add full name, email address and date to appear below the signature.

This is what the document looks like on the signing page

And the certificate is attached