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Do We Have To Change Our Will If We Are Having Another Baby?

I’ve noticed recently that more and more families are having three children (or more!). Some friends and clients have added to their families recently and others will be having a new family member arrive in the next few months. Thinking of all the changes they will need to make led me to consider whether or not they need to change their Wills.

When I meet with clients to do their Wills and Powers of Attorney, I always talk about when they should review or make changes to their Wills. There are some events in life that should make you ask if the plan you made still “works”. Some of these events are marriage and divorce, death of a close family member (or a person named as a beneficiary or executor), and, also, adding a new family member.

While you may not have to change your Will as your family grows, you certainly should think about it and perhaps review it with your family (and your lawyer) after getting the happy news.

Some things that you would need to think about when reviewing your plan are:

So, before you have to worry about late night feedings and diaper changes again, review all of these things and set up an appointment with your lawyer or financial advisor if necessary so that you can be ready for your new arrival.

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