Creating an Adobe Sign document requiring multiple signatures in order

Life is a bit weird right now and lawyers are trying to figure out what to do and how to do it. Here is a simple guide on using Adobe Sign to get multiple signatures in a specific order, which may be needed to execute various documents in the time of COVID-19. The instructions in this document can occur in a live video conference where necessary.

Your document can have as many signatories as needed. Save as PDF.

Go to right, choose “fill and sign”.

Choose “request signatures”.

Choose more options to ensure signing order. My default is to be signed in order of email in list. If you toggle, then it can be completed in any order. You don’t want that. Add email addresses of all signatories in the order they should sign. Then hit next.

Then you set your signatures. You grab the signature field from the right and drag it over to where the signature should appear. You will do this for each signature. The drop down (in pink) will show all the signatories you added by email in the “to field” previously.

This is what it looks like when you drag the signature field over.

And the next.

And the next.

When a signatory signs, this is what it looks like. Here this is the second signatory because I signed first with my office email address which already had a drawn signature saved.

If the person has not used Adobe Sign before to set their drawn signature, advise them to do so now by clicking “draw”.

It will look like a kid did it with crayon, but it is their actual signature.

Signatory clicks bottom to sign and then an email goes to the next signatory.

Email re line and body look like this.

Final signed document looks like this.