Complimentary Virtual Will Review

Due to COVID-19 disrputions, the team at Journey Law is working from home until further notice.

We recognize that many of our clients will be working from home, or may not be working at all due to these disruptions. Though things are uncertain right now, this time is an opportunity for all of us to do things we may not otherwise have time to do.

While we have always offered complimentary will (and power of attorney) reviews to all our clients every three years, we are now opening up Virtual Will Reviews for all clients. It does not matter if you have done your will with our office, or how long ago you did your will with us – you can schedule a Virtual Will Review at no charge. And, you can do it from your couch in your pajamas if you wish, either by video conference or by telephone.

In the Virtual Will Review, we will go over what you own, how you own it, review your personal situation and discuss any concerns you may have, or that may arise, about your existing. To get the most out of your time with us, we will ask you to fill out some information in advance. So yes, you will have a little homework to do.

If you are happy with your existing plan at the end of the review, there is no fee for the meeting at all. There will only be a fee if you wish to make changes to your plan, and we will provide a quote for you to move forward with us. If you decide not to move forward with changes right now, there is no fee until you are ready to go ahead.

Get started by clicking the button below.

If you don’t have a will or powers of attorney at all, you can still start the process with the button above, OR, you can submit a form using the “Start Your Journey” table on the right of this article.

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