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Regular review of your will is important

Regularly reviewing your will is a vital part of estate planning, especially for those in their golden years beginning new romantic relationships, says Cornwall wills and estates lawyer Michele Allinotte. Allinotte, principal of Journey Law (formerly Allinotte Law Office), says circumstances can change dramatically after a person draws up their will, and those changes can have

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Don’t forget about Powers of Attorney

Drawing up a will can give you peace of mind but naming a power of attorney may be even more essential, says Cornwall wills and estates lawyer Michele Alinotte. While it shouldn’t be a choice of one over the other, having a will but not a power of attorney could create chaos if you become

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Include pets in all your planning

Owning an animal is a privilege and responsibility, so owners need to make arrangements for their pet’s care in wills and possibly even in prenuptial agreements, says Cornwall wills and estates lawyer Michele Allinotte. “Though many people may not realize it, pets are defined as property in Ontario law, so they need to be dealt with

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Perfect is the enemy of good

Like most lawyers, I tend towards perfectionism. Being detail-oriented and pushing to get things “just right” is a good thing often, but to a point. Perfection itself is impossible, and sometimes you can spend more time trying to make something perfect and that time does not increase the quality of the project. The diminishing return

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Join Us!

Hello, We are looking to expand our team and our reach in a variety ways. Are you the puzzle piece we need? Read more on the page we have created for our search. Join Us

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4 Ways to Protect Your Special Needs Child

Cornwall lawyer, Michele Allinotte outlines what parents of special needs children should take to ensure their children are protected.

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5 Easy Ways to Make Sure Your Children, Wishes and Assets Stay Protected Should Something Happen to You

Cornwall and area estate planning lawyer, Michele R. J. Allinotte from Allinotte Law Office Professional Corporation share five simple steps to get your affairs in order this year.

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The Hidden Costs of Home Ownership

Cornwall, Ontario law firm Allinotte Law Office Professional Corporation shares a helpful infographic on “The Hidden Costs of Home Ownership”, prepared by TD/Canada Trust.

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Who Will Speak For You? A Quick Look at Advance Care Planning

Cornwall lawyer Michele Allinotte of Allinotte Law Office Professional Corporation discusses the importance of advance care planning.

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