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How do I sign my will or power of attorney documents while self-isolating, in quarantine, or social distancing?

At Journey Law, we have been working remotely for over a month. We are not seeing clients face to face. Our move to remote work was on almost no notice, so within our office, there are a lot of pieces we are still putting into place a month later. Province-wide, the legal profession was not

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Married, Common Law or Divorced: Naming a Guardian is Important

Naming a legal guardian for your children when you are married can be difficult, and it comes with different challenges when you are divorced, says Cornwall wills and estates lawyer Michele Allinotte. Allinotte, principal of Journey Law (formerly Allinotte Law Office), says choosing someone to raise your children if you die unexpectedly is an essential part

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Regular review of your will is important

Regularly reviewing your will is a vital part of estate planning, especially for those in their golden years beginning new romantic relationships, says Cornwall wills and estates lawyer Michele Allinotte. Allinotte, principal of Journey Law (formerly Allinotte Law Office), says circumstances can change dramatically after a person draws up their will, and those changes can have

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