Are you a donor?

I’m only alive today because people chose to donate the blood I received during emergency surgery after my second child was born.

I am alive thanks to the kindness of strangers so organ and tissue donation (as well as blood donation) is a very important issue for me.

Many people don’t know that the signed wallet cards indicating that you wish to be an organ donor are no longer recommended. Those cards are not recorded in the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care’s data base and thus your choice to be a donor may not be made available when needed. Registering to be an organ and tissue donor is the only secure and guaranteed way to make sure that your choice to save lives will be known.

Only about a quarter of the residents of Ontario have registered as organ and tissue donors. In order to increase registrations and save more lives, allows you to create a campaign to spread the word about organ and tissue donor registration. Here at Allinotte Law Office Professional Corporation, we started our own campaign, with a goal of having 100 new organ and tissue donor registrations. We surpassed our initial goal but there’s no limit to how many more lives can be saved more. You can help by signing up here. Spread the word!

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